Monday, November 5, 2012

a radio show by Joshua Meggitt, on Melbourne's RRR 012.7 FM

episode 1 available to  stream here and to download here.

"some of the thoughts behind Retro Futurism:

- Nostalgic, counterfactual image of what the future might have been, but is not, fueled by a dissatisfaction or discomfort with the present, to which retro-futurism provides a nostalgic contrast.

- Particularly a dissatisfaction with modern futurism, and the almost total lack of imagining of an exciting and alternative future world. In some respects, an extrapolation of the present to the future produces disappointing, or even ghastly results, exemplified in contemporary dystopian visions of the future.

- Dissatisfaction with the modern world itself. A world of high-speed air transport, computers, and space stations is (by any past standard) 'futuristic'; yet the search for alternative and perhaps more promising futures suggests a feeling that the desired or expected future has failed to materialize.

- Like some of the theories behind practitioners of Hauntology and Hypnagogic pop, Retro Futurism is fuelled by an idea that much of these early modernist, 'futurist' experiments had yet to be fully exhausted, that there is still more work to be done

Episode 2: Lab Coats (broadcast midnight 9 November) "will look at electronic innovations kickstarted by composers working in academic centres and institutions in the early-mid twentieth century"

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