Thursday, November 18, 2021

new Position Normal single!


"Godfathers of hauntology" Position Normal return with a new single out today - "Lite Bites" - on the Swedish label Bibliotek

Apparently it's a taster for a series of EPs!

See also post from a few months ago about intriguing PosNorm driblets on YouTube hinting a return to activity... 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Omni solo

My teenage s.f. fiend self would have been well chuffed and seriously impressed if I could have peered into the Phuture and seen my own childspawn writing for Omni  

(albeit a revival of that publication launched by Adidas)

(and that said, I'm not sure I ever bought or read a copy of Omni but I certainly ogled the covers)

The original Omni seems to come from a point in late 20th Century when the idea of the future / outer space  - or at least the graphic language attached to it - is edging into tackiness.... NASA becoming naffer by the year

the imagery and attendant hopes 'n' dreams appealing still to the unjaded and earnest, but sophisticated taste slipping deeper into the retro