Friday, November 2, 2012

hauntology goes to the movies!

Broadcast soundtrack... Italo-horror flicks and their "beautifully bizarre soundtracks"... post-WW2 musique concrete ...  storyline  about a sound engineer with a "slowly deteriorating mental state"  ... when you tot it all up, Berberian Sound Studio pretty much is "screenplay by Jim Jupp, cinematography by Julian House, directed by Demdike Stare"

that owly faced actor Toby Jones who plays the sound engineer, he also plays Alfred Hitchock in The Girl, the movie about the latter's twisted relationship with Tippi Hedren

more info about the O/S/T for Berberian Sound Studio here

an interview with director Peter Strickland

with the other three parts on YouTube

wait a minute, wait a MINUTE... i bring up Ghost Box above, but i clean forgot: J House did the posters for the movie!

DJ Food posted about that a while ago (as did A Sound Awareness) and he/they also put up some un-used artwork that Julian did for the movie

lovely stuff


and for dessert, some Goblin-pasticherie from the man like Umberto

and for coffee, some Cathy Berberian with Berio

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