Saturday, November 3, 2012

hauntology goes to the movies UPDATE

further to the previous post on Berberian Sound Studio

Sam Davies informs me that "Julian House didn't just do those posters by the way. He also made the only bit of the film-within-the-film (The Equestrian Vortex) that you actually see - the title sequence"

Presumably that must be this bit?

Sam also adds: "there's another sequence that's dropped in - it's an 'excerpt' from one of the films Toby Jones' character usually makes, and when I watched it I literally thought 'Ghost Box KLAXON'.

it's meant to be a kind of OU/local tourist board doc about the Box Hill area -- imperturbably placid RP narration, Lark Ascending, bucolic Surrey countryside in woozy BOC-cover tones... if I'd had to guess I would have said *that* was Julian House's contribution"


And to think there were people who thought H-ology would never amount to jack shit...

Seven years on, it's still chugging along. The principals are still active, still make cool music. New recruits keep popping out of the woodwork, like the Ghosts of Bush House chap. The influence has filtered into other music zones (like left-field dance). As I note in Retromania there's been a couple of major art exhibitions of a H-y theme.  Now a movie. 

I never for a moment imagined that H-ology would take over the world, or even become "popular". But I am pleasantly surprised at its staying the wide and insidious way its spores have dispersed and taken hold. 


And for a post-prandial brandy, here's a track off the most recent Ghost Box release, Pye Corner Audio's  Sleep Games.

 and here's another


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