Monday, January 24, 2022

Position Normal

 Cool to see an appreciation of Position Normal - plus a recent interview with Chris Bailiff - in this mainstream-looking publication Today in 24. (I can't work out if the interviewer is called Jenesaispop or if that's a section or subdivision  of Today in 24. )

Something I learned - that some of the children's voices on Stop Your Nonsense come from Michael Apted's 7 Up  - the latest, moving installment of that series was among our viewing last week. But then I did wonder if that is actually accurate or a misunderstanding of an earlier reviewer's analogy? (C.f. the attribution of the sampled voice in "German" to Lotte Lenya - which seems to be originate in my reaching for a vague reference point when reviewing it. But then again, maybe it is Lenya).  Bailiff does say that "I am interested in documentaries, series and movies as much as I am interested in music" so it would make sense that he ransacked 7 Up.

Another thing I didn't know, or maybe I did and forgot: one of the later albums was funded by The Prince's Trust! 

 Here's a nice quote from Bailiff about using his teacher dad's collection of spoken-word records as a sample bank:  

"In one of the discs, a person asked a group of children what they want to be when they grow up, and one of them answers that he wants to be a whale. The boy took the question seriously and answered seriously “I want to be a whale.” 

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