Sunday, August 1, 2021

Never say Dio

Andrew Parker drew my attention to more hologram action - in this case Ronnie James Dio's widow's work in keeping her husband's legend alive after death

There had been a hologram that featured as part of tour by Dio's Disciples, comprised of former members of Dio's band.

 But future plans are on hold, says Wendy Dio, because it's all a bit shonky as far as she's concerned. 

"I just think that the fans would prefer to see Ronnie as being really Ronnie instead of a hologram."

So instead there's a new project "incorporating archival footage of her late husband into a concert setting... I'm working on some special effects of stuff with Ronnie. It's a film, of Ronnie, not a hologram..."

This sent me on a little journey with Ronnie, whose eminence in the metal canon somewhat mystifies me (the mystifyingly titled Holy Diver is considered Top 20 G.O.A.T apparently) (I have actually seen Dio live, when given the short-straw assignment of reviewing Castle Donington in '87). 

During this brief research foray, I came across this too-good-to-be-true story - especially given that before fronting Rainbow and Sabbath, Dio had fronted the group Elf: 

"In September 2003, he accidentally severed his thumb during a gardening accident when a heavy garden gnome fell onto it. Dio was concerned he would no longer be able to do his signature metal horns hand gesture, but a doctor managed to re-attach it."

Can it possibly be true? 

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