Monday, December 16, 2019

the Future is 50 years old

i.e. young people dancing to electronic music

RIP Gershon Kingsley, who reached the ripe old age of 97

interesting, isn't it, that the Future would emerge first under the sign of easy listening - and even kitsch?

c.f. my "friendly futurists" thesis (Jean-Jacques Perrey et al)

the most successful hit version =  Hot Butter

Didn't realise that Jean-Michel Jarre did a version

Makes sense cos "Equinoxe 4" always felt like a semi-rewrite - not literally, but the vibe 'n ' feel, albeit more sedate, less boppy-bouncy

another of the many 'Popcorn' covers

Inane in the Membrane


  1. The top clip is amazing. The ToTP audience and dancers even look like the future, somehow, barring the odd giveaway like the Op Art shirt and tie combo, which is very much of its time.

  2. yeah i was stunned how modern it looked