Wednesday, July 11, 2018

retro cameo

Me and Retromania make a cameo appearance in the comic book Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 3, by Tom Kaczynski!

The blurb for Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 3, which is published by Uncivilized Books:

"Three stories that explore the past, the present, the future, nostalgia and it's origins, and political fall-out. 'Skyway' is a modernist neo-noir set in a mythical Minneapolis. 'Trump & Nostalgia,' a collaboration with award winning Danish cartoonist, Clara Jetsmark, explores the connections between nostalgia, immigrantion, and the politics of our moment. How will we remember the presidential menace? 'Use Your Nostalgia' explores the utopian possibilities of nostalgia."

Get the comic book here.

1 comment:

  1. It's a wonderful book and a book that I am using in my MRes thesis on all this 1950s revivalism that is happening but within the Portuguese world, fantastic book its your best! love the rocket analogy.