Saturday, February 7, 2015


"New Old" with tremendous attention to detail - sound, lyric, clothes, packaging.

Jook meets Geordie meets Sharpies with premonitions of Sham 69 and Rose Tattoo - soccerstomp terrace anthems with Chinnichap bounce

Formed as a byproduct of the Junkshop Glam mini-commotion, anticipating a retro wave - on the scale of  WhiteStripes/Hives/Jet/Vines et al - that never came??


But why did it come out of Italy? I thought the 1970s in Italy was all about prog.

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  1. i am from Italy and i just discovered this band. it seems the first tune you put up is dedicated to italian football team Roma captain (number 10 - Totti). If you want to look for some retro-ish band in italy I suggest you dig Offlaga Disco Pax (lyrics are stories from 70-80 even actual facts) - (mainly) electronic trio sometimes danceable. prog in italy was a bit of an alternative culture in its own way. And we politicized everything even music genres.