Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"who are we?"

commenter at Rolling Stone on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

"listening to this album for the 5th time now...after readin everyones thoughts on it on tumblr...
i’m not trying to like it … i’m trying to understand why people like it cos between all the sheep i believe that their r genuine people that love this album…so i go through the tag…and every body is getting all crazy about this touch song.

and i listen

and just listen, not judging, allowing the music to do its thing

and it starts and it feels like i’m in this 1970s AGAIN! anybody ever see the movie FLASH GORDAN? no…of course not how about the original planet of the apes movies?? still no?? cool ummm the episode of south park where kenny sniffs cats and ends up on that boob planet??yeah that!!…well it starts off as u are transported to these worlds via some whack interstellar tube thing u even hear that weird wind sound u end up in this cave with this weird echo voice and then all of a sudden there is this old dude just sitting on a chair singing and this singing is not bad…not bad at all…very stop motion animation type stuff then bam!! u on the mother f12king love boat!! in the lounge area and the bands playing and then the lights go down and the smoke machine kicks in and the band is totally psychedelic man(google george clinton and the Parliament funkadelic)!! and then u are transported and now you are the stop motion singing robot dude trapped in a cage and it fades out.

and as i write this and listen to my words i can’t help but appreciate the production value and talent that daft punk has…i mean all that in 8mins but still…still its so in the past its so retro…it feels unoriginal…its so 1970s disco era…its good…but its not new…its not the future…its the pasts future its the dreams of the 70s pushed on to us…i want something new i want to move forward…i want our generation to leave a impact…our now fashion is late 80s early 90s bright colors chunky chains beanies animal prints and aggressive make up GOOGLE TLC!! …we are a generation that have nothing to claim as our own…who wants to say they are part of the reality tv generation? not me!!.60s flower power. 80s had people power.even the 70s had disco 90s had grunge and i’m not talking just music …look at your dashboard this generation has tried to be all of that but we never try to make our own style.

who are we?"

(i love the album, well most of it anyway -- the first five or so tracks I could live without, it starts to take off with "Giorgio By Moroder" and then just gets better and better - but the above strikes me as a perfectly defensible and understandable reaction  -- "it's 2013 ferfucksake")

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