Thursday, June 14, 2012

(sigh) Another New York poseur pushing the supposed superiority of retro technology. It's the style of the stuff that appears to this guy, not the actual quality (or lack of it) in scratch records. Go ahead and write your Luddite essays with a crow quill, on ink you make yourself from the lampblack created by your oil lamp.


*yawn* Another supercilious techhead sneering at anyone who worships not at the Altar Of Jobs, dripping with ostentatious condescension. Yes of course, if one likes a thing that's more than ten years old, one must be a caveman, wearing skins and beating his meals bloody. How original.

two polarised reactions in the always fractious and tetchy comments boxes, in regards to a piece celebrating vinyl materiality over MP3/iTunes/iPod immateriality

vaguely connected -- this is new book forthcoming from Jonathan Sterne, whose The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction was one of the more interesting tomes I read while researching Retromania -- particularly dug his hauntologically-attuned concept of the vinyl recording as "a resonant tomb" -- groove as grave!

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