Friday, June 1, 2012

Philip Sherburne, at his Spin column Control Voltage, looking at the emergence of "hipster house" + the Portland micro-scene around Miracles Club + their label's new comp Ecstasy

"there's a certain curatorial sensibility at work, which has occasionally led these artists to be branded with the unfortunate tag of "hipster house." But the reality is that a huge swathe of the house and techno community is currently preoccupied with retro forms. Artists as diverse as the Dutch analog maverick Legowelt and Boston's 1990s-obsessed Soul Clap balance on the edge between paean and pastiche. And while the comp includes some seriously retro jams, like Emotion II Emotion's "Night and Day," songs like Leech's "Edgewise" and Garben Eden's "Feel Good Agency" twist up old-school machine vibes into sounds untethered from any particular era"

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