Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tales from the Black Meadow (or, the uncanny persistence of H-ology)

 Tales from the Black Meadow 

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The Black Meadow - The Book - The Album - The Experience

When Professor R. Mullins of the University of York went missing in 1972 on the site of the area known as Black Meadow atop of the North Yorkshire Moors, he left behind him an extensive body of work that provided a great insight into the folklore of this mysterious place.

Writer Chris Lambert has been rooting through Mullins' files for over ten years and now presents this collection of weird and macabre tales. Marvel at tales such as The Rag and Bone Man, The Meadow Hag, The Fog House, The Land Spheres and The Children of the Black Meadow. What is the mystery surrounding The Coalman and the Creature? Who or what is The Watcher in the Village? What is the significance of the Shining Apples? Why is it dangerous to watch the Horsemen dance? Beautifully illustrated by Nigel Wilson these tales will haunt you for a long time to come.

"Can you tell me, maiden fair Can you tell me if or where I shall see my child again Walk upon the fields of men? Will she ever stumble back From the meadow all a’black?"

 In 1978, Radio 4 produced a now rare documentary about the folklore,mystery and tales surrounding the Black Meadow area. It also featured music specially commissioned to accompany the programme. This music has recently been unearthed by the Mullins Estate and carefully isolated for your listening pleasure.

These stories, poems and songs have also been gathered together to capture the unsettling nature of the Black Meadow. Do not listen to this on your own at night and make sure you shut your windows. Listen for the stamping feet of the horsemen, avoid the gaze of the Watcher in the village and do not walk into the

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