Thursday, February 25, 2016

back to 79

Press Release:

For Esmé has teamed up with Puncture Design (the creatives behind WayHome) to take you on a curious and nostalgic trip back to that strange vibe of late night cable TV.

Picture this—its 1979 and For Esmé is performing their new single ‘Make A Sound’ on late night television. The video recalls the nostalgia of live performances by Blondie or Depeche Mode.  Anyone who grew up recording TV shows on their VCRs will understand, and anyone who didn’t....just use your imagination.

You can also revisit the orginal single over at Soundcloud.

Remember staying up to catch something special airing on late night television? Maybe something you weren’t supposed to be seeing? Remember scrounging around for a VHS tape you could record it onto? So often I accidentally recorded over something else, or there were glitches in the tape. We’re taking you on a trip back to the days before youtube, where your only chance to hold onto an iconic TV moment was to record it yourself. 

This video I think represents a timelessness that we long for and I hope this prompts us all to enjoy a little more of "the moment".

In the real 1979, nobody would have done an exercise like this. 

Even this overtly nostalgic song couldn't look or sound more New Wave

Mind you there was the Mod Revival of course

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