Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sammy Slabbinck

these collages remind me a bit of the hypnagogic pop artwork of six, seven years ago

Sammy Slabbinck

"Sammy Slabbinck began buying midcentury magazines in his teens. It was the early Nineties and every weekend he would scour the flea market in his home town of Bruges"

now 38 - "He keeps them in teetering stacks on the top floor of his house. “I have no idea how many I have,” he says, speaking from Bruges. “Thousands perhaps? Many thousands. It’s become an addiction.”

"Playboy and Paris Match offer particularly rich pickings for Slabbinck’s art, as do the many women’s lifestyle titles popular in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. He often combines them with books and encyclopedias from the same period. "They all have, he says, “a certain look and feel, with very strong lines. You can see it in the architecture, the cars, the furniture. But the photography is also completely different: it has a quality which I find very innocent. The colours are faded and warm, the images have a soul. It’s nothing like the photographs you can take now with a super digital camera and millions of pixels. I tried making collages with recent magazines but they just don’t  have the same spirit.”

You don't remember the Hypnagogic Collages of yore?

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