Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yesterday's World

Jeune French-American deejay-producer Yan Wager dit que c'est moi qui est accro de passé.

Accro means addicted, passé means past obviously.

He's a blurb I found on Yan's music:

"He writes and performs all his songs, merging electronic beats and sounds with a low and crooning voice. His influences span many genres and time frames, from Depeche Mode to D.A.F., from Prince to Tangerine Dream, from neo disco to early Detroit Techno... All these entrenched in a timeless Pop gesture."

Many genres and time frames, except that they're all the 1980s and apart from Prince, basically electronic pop!  (And Prince did electro-funk stuff some of the time anyway).

A young man, in 2013, making music based almost entirely around a time when I was a young man!

On  songs like "Recession World" he sings like a gruffer John Maus.

This mix he done starts with "Love Action"

Here's his remix of a synth-pop outfit called Tomorrow's World, a song called "Drive". Presumably the car is set in reverse.

"Atemporality", yeah, okay, but the back-to-Eighties was already done once in living memory (electroclash) and then twice (La Roux et al) even more recently. How much more can be eked out of this patch of sound?

If I'm "accro" at least I'm "accro" to things I experienced the first-time around, in real time. 

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