Thursday, July 4, 2013

"a frantic liquid", or, making yourself not-scarce

interesting bit on Lil B from AutoDespair blog

"With thousands of freely distributed tracks, the “rare” hashtag has a strange and humorous meaning in relation to availability and value, referring to more traditional models of marketing music collectables, appealing to these same desires, the devotion of a focused completionist, replicated within the logic of torrenting / mixtape collecting....  Beyond Motown’s hit factory, Lil B spills out excesses, to an audience just as compulsive in its collecting as Lil B is in his abundance of production. Lil B as a schizophrenic bubbling submersion in the internet (he claims to spend 22 hours a day online), a frantic liquid – I’m thinking of the end scene in Terminator 2 here – as process or conduit of the internet catalysing more forms, and as vomiting up of identities. An output which puts an impossible demand of collecting, consuming, contemplation for another world where more time is available? "

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