Monday, March 4, 2013

via An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming, who has some loose thoughts on Suzanne Ciani and women in electronic music

(Finders Keepers have been reissuing her stuff  )
Since I wrote this, more and more have come through - Holly Herndon, of course, and  Motion Sickness of Time Travel and others that are slipping my mind

(People  seem to think I pull these  scene / genre / trend pieces out of thin air!)

And also keep stumbling across new ancestors, like Beatriz Ferreyra

Someone's done a whole book on female electronic composers, but it's in Italian...

A three hour (nearly) megamix of electronic women from 1938-1982 c/o the people at Phthalo Records (but no tracklist or IDs)

Back to that Ciani video - and talking  about yesterday's futurism today -- wow, Omni magazine! A little treasury of front covers here.   A near complete run of back issues here.  A tribute site here.

Mind you, I can't remember if I was ever a reader. I might have had one copy, or flicked through it in W.H. Smiths a bunch of times, or seen it at some friend's house...  Probably it was a little geeky for me, not being that technology minded. Even then I'd have found the covers kitschy, I should imagine.

I wonder how right they were in their predictions with this one (from 1984) :

Which reminds me, must scan the Sunday colour supplement article from circa 1977 I cut out and scrap booked (and which scrapbook I recently rediscovered) which has all these predictions about leisure and entertainment in the year 2000. Some of which have been out-stripped by developments - a rare case of the future that not only did arrive but was more impressive than anticipated.  The fun stuff, actually, has worked out fairly futuristic and sci-fi expectations fulfilled -- it's the large-scale, heroic things that stagnated or collided with the political-economic realities.

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