Monday, March 4, 2013

is this part of the H-ology spooky kids telly canon, and if not, why not?

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  1. It's certainly part of MY H-ology spooky kids telly canon!

    But it *does* seem to have lost out in the reverence / notoriety stakes somewhat, which is odd given that it must get top scores on almost every measure of hauntologicalnessness.

    I mean, of all the big h-progs, this is the one that makes the central obsession/fear of Hauntology most explicit, literal even: nature vs science, old Gods vs new, primitive vs rational man etc.

    My own, completely prejudiced theory for it's lack of fame compared to Children of the Stones and The Owl Service is that it doesn't focus on the supernatura enough to satisfy yer typical hauntologist. It's more sci-fi than horror; weird, rather than spooky. There's no "quirky English folk tradition" stuff going on (as I recall, anyway, I'll have to watch it again).

    Then again, it might simply be that fewer people saw it. But nobody saw the bloody Owl Service first time around, did they?