Wednesday, March 13, 2013

be reasonable, demand the inpossible

"Where Did the Future Go?" asks Rachel Armstrong, "guest informant" at Warren Ellis Dot Com

"Will jet pack boosters lead us towards fertile new pathways of imagining and exploring the world? .. Is our idea of ‘the future’ still relevant to the 21st century in terms of what we actually expect it to ‘deliver’? At LIFT13, I launched ‘The Age of the Inpossible,’ which is a different kind of future to that which we have become familiar with over the course of the 20th century. An inpossible idea, or event, is not goal based on a deterministic worldview but describes a creative process that explores unchartered territories. The point being that when we set a fixed goal in embarking on a journey of discovery, we end up chasing our preconceptions, rather than being open to new possibilities, which may result in radical ideation....

 "The ‘future’ we recognise today is a deterministic view of the future. It extrapolates from things we already know, to calculate an end point. In other words, it’s an extreme version of ‘now’ – not, something new. So, based on the existence of aeroplanes and cars, a deterministic view of the future proposes the advent of flying cars.

But, with computer power accelerating at the speed of Moore’s Law and cross-fertilization between new technologies, described as NBIC (Nano, Bio, Info, Cogno) convergence, emerging technologies may not be deducible by an understanding their different part. Indeed, such experimental juxtapositions and fusions are likely to produce technologies that are entirely new. For example, the convergence of nanotechnology, biology and information technology has produced strange projects such as cyberplasm, a semi-living robot."

Wonder what the musical equivalent to "cyberplasm"  would be, or could be? I guess the point is that it is inconceivable right now, because no linearity can project it existent trends...

Wish it would hurry up and manifest itself!

 Just the word 'cyberplasm' makes me think of the uber-mentasm snaking through this track...





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