Wednesday, March 2, 2016

uncanny persistence of the H - part 33 - Folkore Tapes / Occultural Creatures Vol. 1

press release -

Folklore Tapes / The Lost Tapes Record Club

Occultural Creatures Vol.I - Black Dog Traditions of England Folklore

Deluxe embossed, hand-numbered and hand-stamped boxset containing:
§  80-page research book Black Dog Traditions of England by Ian Humberstone
§  DVD film and accompanying vinyl LP by Ian Humberstone & David Chatton Barker et al.
§  Two risograph posters and a printed postcard
§  One time press of 500 copies only

Folklore Tapes head activists Ian Humberstone & David Chatton Barker unveil one of the label's most exquisitely haunting releases yet, Occultural Creatures Vol.I - Black Dog Traditions of England. Consisting of a deluxe, eighty-page book written by Ian Humberstone that spins tales of Black Dog shadows from around the moors of England plus an accompaniment film DVD and a soundtrack album. Having been performing this piece at folklore nights around the UK in recent months there has been much anticipation for Ian's research to be committed to paper. Consisting of site-specific photographs and original transcripts of accounts of locals' brushes with the phantom hounds on the moors they roam, this is deeply unnerving stuff. 

Coming accompanied by an LP of original recordings spun into a mixture of acousmatic sound compositions, site-specific field recordings and original audio of local storytellers all composed by Ian and featuring extensive composition by David Chatton Barker that's as cinematic as it is chilling.

Much like the labels highly lauded Theo Brown and the Folklore of Dartmoor boxset, Occultural Creatures Vol.I is a beautifully packaged and well-researched item that expands on the label's remit for releasing hand packaged artifacts and creates something that stands out as much more than an LP with a story behind it. Much like similar LP's from this world such as Finders Keepers lost library spooks Supernatural Lancashire to The Lost Tapes Record club's Conet project referencing radiolore, this book/LP/DVD boxset is full of imagination and wonderment that will educate as well as celebrate tales of black dog horror from long lost times. 

Massive recommendation for the occultists, Summerisle residents and anyone looking to get lost in some of the most fully immersive world of Black Dog traditions of England.

The Lost Tapes Record Club EP-1

   §  First-time vinyl edition of long sold out Folklore Tapes cassette, limited to 250 copies worldwide

The Lost Tapes collective follow up two private press 7"s with this vinyl reissue of the group's library funk and balearic folk(lore) tapes EP on the Exquisite Corpses label. The original cassette release of this appeared and then disappeared in a flash with many collectors and library enthusiasts hounding them for copies, and from listening to this eight track mini-LP you will easily see why. Based around ethnographic radiolore surrounding the Dorset town of Symonsbury the tracks shed a lighter side on the folklore they are themed around whilst in keeping musically with the groups close ties to the Liverpudlian psych group Clinic. The sounds within are split somewhere between the very best Kosmiche mixtape's from Andy Votel and Jonny Trunk's Ghost Box jazz mixed with a slice of Conet project number station eeriness. 

Highly limited pressing and a chance for those who missed the original cassettes to own some of these wonderful sounds at last.

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