Monday, March 14, 2016

the dawn of reissue culture

For the last ten minutes or so...  in which the reissue of major label back catalogue (Atlantic) by two plucky British independents is enough of a notable event to be, er, noted and commented upon (by Tony Blackburn, Morrissey, George Michael)

83-84, from memory, does strike me as when reissue culture went into overdrive.... from being an irregular occurrence to a steady flow


  1. Great on so many levels.

    Good to see Tony Blackburn flying his modernist flag high and arguing that contemporary soul is much better than the Edsel / Charly revivals.

    And interesting to see what great taste George Michael has, loving Side Two of Closer and I Say A Little Prayer. Explains a lot about his subsequent career.

  2. I was surprised how like able all three were!