Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's like hypnagogic / nu-NewAge never died!

A 2013 faves list that goes its own sweet way (and runs to over a hundred and twenty!) 

(Actually the hipness of yer actual old New Age seemed to resurge this year with the great I Am the Center private issue new age comp on Lights in the Attic, Emerald Web reissues on Finders Keepers, Iasos compilation  on Numero Group, and others I'm forgetting I'm sure... )

But as for current practitioners, vaporwave may be what's "hot", but it's good to see someone sticking with yer Panabrites and Pulse Emitters and Wave Temples's....

Been meaning to check out that Lievens Marten Moana musique concrete lp Music from the Guardhouse

Oneohtrix Point Never put out another long-player this year?! (The Fall Into Time). Sounds more in the vein of the stuff he started out doing, circa "Physical Memory" etc

Dig the cover of this Bitchin Bajas album

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