Sunday, January 5, 2014

it's drive by. it's content tourism

"Some people’s Tumblrs feel like garbage cans. Is that supposed to be the point? Does anyone talk about all the hoarding that goes on online? Posting everything, posting all the time, is another kind of binge eating, hoarding, gluttony, trigger happiness, clutter consumption. If you post all day long, even if the posts are interesting, I will unfollow you. I don’t want to take it all in just because you do. I don’t want to be your garbage can or your filter. I know it’s not personal. That is the point and the problem. Besides, when it’s that much, when it’s constant, when it’s so indiscriminating, when it piles up in a newsfeed, when it streams with no break, no one is taking anything in. It’s drive by. It’s content tourism" - Love Dog

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