Sunday, August 18, 2013

time travel according to Disney kids TV, part 1

blurb: "When Teen Zoltan arrives in a time machine and falls in love with Chyna, he refuses to go back to the 80's without his true love, so Chyna decides to accompany him back as his prom date. Meanwhile, Lexi hopes to travel back in time to correct a horrible event from the past, an ugly 5th grade picture in a newspaper"

Some fun 'retro' elements to this episode -  when Chyna time-travels back to 1986 with Zoltan-as-teen, and he asks "come with me to the prom", she worries aloud "but what will I wear?".  He suggests "how about what you've got on?", and Chyna retorts "can't do that -- in my time this outfit is Seventies-retro. But in the Eighties, this is just out of date."

 At the prom itself, she marvels "it's the Eighties! Wow, the Eighties are so....  Eighties"

This is proved by a 1986-girl's Valley-Girl-ing it with "totally" after "totally" after "totally", and the prom band, whose members play keytars!

Chyna sings with the band and when they struck up a song, she exclaim, "really, this song?!!?! My mom listens to this song on Oldies 107", then blurts hastily, "I mean, Newies 107".

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