Sunday, January 20, 2013

tomorrow's almost over 

the day went by so fast

it's the only thing to look forward to 

the past


 "remember when when we thought we had forever/now we're not so sure....  city cowboys/live for now boys/tomorrow's never gonna come"

But hang on through the washed-out sub-"Maggie Mae" of the The Likely Lads movie intro theme  for (at 3.38 mins) a delicious squiggle of into-the-Future synth, just as the camera cuts away from the Second World War black-and-white footage to the full-color 1973 Brutalist cityscape of Newcastle-upon-Tyne....

Later: a scene of working class slums being cleared, including Terry and Bob's beloved pub The Fat Ox... 

"I've just seen my past bulldozed away," says a distraught, bedraggled-with-ale Bob to wife Thelma. "Do you see this brick? It's my house -  it survived the Blitz but not the march of Time"

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