Saturday, January 12, 2013

"It occurs to me, as we push on with this decade, that the age of "decades" as demarcations of styles, movements, etc, is over. The "Noughties" was the last one, and dubious at that - didn't help that it was possibly the most nondescript decade since decades began. Now we're in, what, the "oneties"? The "teenies"? Then, after that will come the 2020 and beyond. Only we won't be able to refer to them simply as the "20s" or the "30s" because our perma-retro minds will still hark back to flappers, Jarrow marches, etc, so we'll have to follow-up irritably with "No, not those 20s, these 20s", painfully conscious as we do that we are long past the dramatic century of expansion and that all we have to look forward to in terms of development is not some new Jazz Age but a decimal series of computer upgrades. Happy New Year everybody!" -- David Stubbs

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