Wednesday, March 7, 2012

saw this blog comment on my essay "Shabby Chic" in the new, relaunch issue of Spin (which is themed around Retro Activity / pastpresentfuture), which essay uses Lana Del Rey (interviewed by moi) to frame the current retro cultural moment..

the commenter, Cameron Gray, has nice things to say about the essay, but this bit amused me:

"Though this piece wonderfully focused on the mystery that is Lana Del Rey, I wish it had been a bit more critical."

So much for me taking a subtle tack in the essay!

the commenter goes on to say:

"I love the past. I love the music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's just as much as the next music lover, but it angers me to see so many young people go about life thinking they are so creative and original, when all they're really doing is wearing my mom's clothes from her childhood and making it "cool." To borrow from others is flattering, and to revive a lost art is noble, but originality is the highest form of artistry. I would like to see more artists being truly original, if that's even possible. I would like to see artists create something that is their own so that in 30 years bands say, 'Let's recreate the sound of 2012.' Most importantly, I would like to see heavy media influences promote the idea of originality, even if that means being critical."

Well, Cameron, there's this book you might be interested in...

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  1. Ballard Designs has lots of shabby chic in their catalogs. You can find them on line too. I love their catalogs and so will you. Good luck from ESSAY