Wednesday, March 21, 2012

after hipster house, hipster hardcore?

featuring the vox of Julianna Barwick in the 4AD-ethereal-girl-sample role (Messiah Temple of Dreams/This Mortal Coil/Liz Frazer; FSOL Papua New Guinea/Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard etc etc)

sounds like Elite Gymnastics are another case of "post-Internet" music, judging by this Pitchfork appraisal of their album RUIN 1 from last year by Brian Howe:

"the Internet is their habitat, not a conduit. Their music is proudly unaffiliated, cobbling together influences that will probably strike older listeners as disparate and younger ones as perfectly concordant"

"the drum breaks come from jungle and hip-hop, the radiantly smeared textures from shoegaze and drone-rock, the samples from video games. They're comfortable mixing Waka Flocka Flame or Ryuichi Sakamoto, chopping Final Fantasy theme music into Balearic house or tending to ghostly, blackened whirrs. According to the band, they used chillwave to Trojan Horse these diverse sounds into complacent earbuds.Whether or not you buy that line, the only chillwave thing about is how miscellaneous listening habits dissolve in a solution of over-stimulated memory and prodigious sonic options."

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