Monday, February 13, 2012

sometimes the right coinage is hiding there in plain view


inspired neologistics from Resident Advisor to describe all this ex-noise underground types making beat-driven form-minus-function techno-like records using strictly analogue gear

(c.f. chillrave as superior term for hipstahaus)

artistes covered include Container, Diamond Catalog, Frak, Unicorn Hard-On, Laser Poodle, Cuticle, No Fun Acid, Viktoria, Leslie Keffer, Prostitutes

with brief namechecks for Dariius, Mammal/Midlife Vacation, Lazy Magnet, Max Cloud, Innercity, Danse Asshole, Pete Swanson, Mat Brinkman/Meerk Puffy/Ton B/ZZ Pot, Extreme Animals, Magas, Pleasurehorse, Vatican Shadow/Christian Cosmos, Sinking Body, The Three Legged Race

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