Thursday, February 9, 2012

more italian hauntology

Iacopo Gardelli says:

"I'd like to suggest you this italian band called Calibro 35. I think that they could be the perfect italian example of hauntology, much more than anyone else: these people from Milan are obssessed with production music from the '70s, especially with b-movies soundtracks mixing funk, jazz and new-wave. It's our golden era, when italian movies were famous all over the world, and when society went through great changes. Innovations, creations, "modernism", if you like.

"When you hear their music it's like watching those films, and they made you wonder about those incredible years in Italy. They re-create the exact atmosphere of that moment.

"Here's a video they made.

"The song is a cover of 'L'appuntamento' written by Bruno Lauzi and originally sung by Ornella Vanoni."

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