Monday, August 10, 2015

back from the (g)rave - Shane Meadows's TV time machine

via DJ Mag, flyers made for Shane Meadows's final series of This Is England, set in baggy-trippy 1990

If I didn't already know they were ersatz, repro-antique jobs, and just saw them, would I think they were the real thing?

Impossible to say, of course.

But taking that into consideration, nonetheless I do think these mostly look not-quite-right

The only one that gets close enough to seem like a period artifact is this one:

And perhaps the first one, although it's trying to hard with the rave-name (Rave Nation Labyrinth, gimme a break)

Similar not-quite-got-it with the actual series, judging by the trailer - clearly trying so so hard to get the actual naffness of acid fashion....  but just somehow 25 years of style and grooming advances creep in and make things a little bit slicker and cleaner than they would have been back in the real-deal day... the digi-brite palette of today's TV of course doesn't help either

I wonder how well Shane & crew will do when it comes to recreating the dancing and the vibe at clubs + raves....

See, what I find most disconcerting looking at old rave footage is the dancing... how unwieldy and basic most of it looks, from the outside -  from the inside, on E, you feel incredibly fluid and loose, the dancer you always wished to be - but it doesn't necessarily look like that to bystanders

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