Thursday, April 30, 2015

this was tomorrow (cold phuture)

hardcore heroes #1 - Marc Acardipane aka The Mover, Pilldriver, Mescalinum United, et al

hardcore heroes #2 - Guillaume Leroux aka Renegade Legion, DrMacabre, et al

hardcore heroes # 4 - Miro Pajic aka Miro, Reign, Evidence, Hypnotizer, et al

more on Acardipane

Mover interviewed, this week!

"It's a future crusade... Move, don't stop!"

There were sounds you never heard before. I remember being in Dorian Gray the first time I heard Joey Beltram’s “Mentasm” and I thought he was an alien! I remember hearing T-99’s “Anasthasia” for the first time and was thinking, ‘what the fuck is this?....  It's something that people will not experience nowadays.”.

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  1. Great to see "Anasthasia" mentioned there, and positively! I had exactly the same reaction when it appeared on Top Of The Pops. One of those Moments. But I was an ignorant rock / indie type who dug Prodigy etc, and I got the impression later on that yer *proper* dance types were very sniffy about T99. Well, derisive.