Friday, April 18, 2014

reissue culture reaches 2001!

reissue culture reaches 2001!

viz, the Life Without Buildings reissue
which is also

reissue culture takes on the already-retro/revivalist/recyclical !

(what next in the postpunk revival revival? The Erase Errata Box Set? A deluxe expanded They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top?)

and also, finally

 reissue culture takes on the not-much-cop-in-the-first-place-let's-be-honest !

(except that's hardly a new development)

There's probably some examples of reissues of records after 2001 that I'm not thinking of.... well there was that 10th Anniversary Interpol job of course...

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  1. Curious, because I recently stumbled across some online article where the author was making the case that it was the an unjustly overlooked & forgotten album from the early part of the previous decade. I remember it getting enthusiastic reviews at the time, but (maybe due to distro issues) that didn't translate into it getting much traction via the venues that equaled sales (college radio rotation, word of mouth, actual CD bins, etc.).

    Speculative pre-postpunk revival revival meets '90s revival: Brainiac reissues? Just you wait.