Sunday, March 9, 2014

this wasn't tomorrow #3

Valiant revisionist effort from Man Like Joe here but - 

It will never not be too early to revisit, reappraise, or God forbid, revive electroclash

Or to put it another way, it will always be too early to revisit, etc etc...

The recorded legacy is thin.  The influence is not-legion.

It was fun enough to pontificate about at the time, or go to the clubs, but....

Come off it...


Seems like it's part of the structural economy of music media now - all of them, but particularly webzines -- to have these look-backs... these 20 Years On, 10 Years On, at this rate soon it'll be 5 Years On, pieces on "Iconic Albums".... the oral histories ....    I suppose it's the same logic, applied to clicks rather than ticket sales, that causes promoters to pack their festival line-ups with legacy acts and aging cults.The drawing-power logic of the known quantity, the thing you lived through and think of fairly fondly, or perhaps half-wonder you might have missed something by missing out on the first go-round.

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