Thursday, March 6, 2014

so hauntological it's not true

Programme number: EFE1112K Date: 02/02/1969  
Children from infant, secondary modern & comprehensive schools apply methods of contemporary music, including demonstrations of simple tape & electronic techniques. The children discuss with teacher how different sounds may be produced and experiment with electric circuits and loops on the tape recorder.
with: Peter Fletcher - Brian Dennis:

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Like a Ghost Box sleeve come to life

"So hauntological, it's not true" -  hmm, is it actually true?

It came out this Creative Archive project. 2006-7, BBC and Arts Council England, discussed at BFI

"When he took on a Creative Archive placement, artist Chris Dorley-Brown became fully ‘embedded’ in the BBC – with a staff pass, a desk and support from archive and legal staff.
Chris decided to focus on a specific geographical area – the East End of London – and explore its representation in the BBC’s programme output. This study of the BBC’s East End could become a model for others to follow elsewhere. He tapped into the output of Lime Grove, the famous current affairs studio, and uncovered some of the very first ‘open access’ projects set in the East End."

So far so good. But wait a minute

"Chris tracked down both producers and participants in documentaries made in the late 1960s and early 1970s. By recreating interviews and locations he tapped into their emotional resonance, and at the same time offered key questions about representation and motivation."


Perhaps this Michael Bracewell piece from Frieze can help... 

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