Friday, September 13, 2013

Living In the Past by Manix - retrorave

news that Manix are releasing an album of "new-old" hardcore entitled Living In the Past has got me all confused

as the author of Energy Flash, I adore it

as the author of Retromania, I deplore it

blurb from the website: "A return to the original sound of Hardcore/Jungle Rave from one of the leading artist at Reinforced Records. Produced by Marc Mac of 4hero, this stunning 10 track album is full of the same energy and style that made Manix so crucial to DJs and Ravers of the era.   Packed with all new original fresh tunes but still sounding like a lost recording from 1993, anthemic pianos, big bass lines and breaks."

listen here

sounds sweet 'n' ruff though doesn't it?

(via Blog to the Old Skool)

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