Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seb Chan on "constant short term nostalgia":

He quotes Suse Cairns on how carrying her iPhone around with her has transformed her modes of seeing and processing reality/life ("I now see socially. I listen, not just for myself, but for what I can translate and share to my networks") and says that while familiar to him and most everyone these days, it "passes – over time – and in my case has been replaced by a sense of ‘constant short term nostalgia

"Timehop is a good example of a service that feeds this desire. It works by reminding you everyday of what you did exactly one year, two years, three years and more, ago to the day on the various social services that you’ve given it access to – your tweets, your photos, your location checkins.
"There is no forward or back in the interface. Just the past, exactly to the day. It is a constraint that greatly enhances its appeal/addiction.

"Much like my children who won’t, until the Great Power Outage comes, be able to forget the overly-detailed photographic renderings of their childhoods, Timehop (and the more diary-like Momento) is a constant reminder of what you were saying that you were doing, what you thought was interesting enough to photograph, and where you were...."

 C.f. the shorter cycles in which records get reissued (10th Anniversary editions) c.f. the calendrical and commemorative logic that magazines follow c.f. blogs and webmags from FACT to Freakytrigger that have an in-built archival-refresh element with old stories dug up and reposted...  

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