Monday, April 2, 2012

Retromania gets the nod from chart-topping recording artiste Gotye!

"I was just reading this great book by Simon Reynolds where he talked about the ‘incredibly accessible permanent now’. The whole history of music is potentially accessible. There’s a multiplicity of options, and none of them are necessarily more authentic for me, so you feel inevitably compelled to keep it interesting for yourself by exploring as much as you can. On one level for me, it’s pure sound exploration – I just try to find sounds that I think are idiosyncratic or they warm the cockles of my heart for whatever whimsical reason that is. Whether it’s the Cotillion organ that I write the song ‘State Of The Art’ about – most of the sounds on that track are featured from there – or finding that fence in the Australian outback in winter and sampling that and turning it into a bassline [on 'Eyes Wide Open']. I like the story related to it, I like the experience, I like the fact that those sounds feel more personal to me than, say, sitting in my bedroom and buying virtual instruments from professional engineers.”

well it's a mutual admiration pact, mate, loving hearing this stream out the radio, breath of fresh air it is

and Making Mirrors's excellent too

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