Monday, April 16, 2012

even though it Glee-ifies the Rolling Stone(s), voids what he and they represented into a Karaoke Is Burning pantomime... it is hard to hate this song/video

the key to it is the wry book-ending of the vid with MJ interview segments from the mid-60s, from just a few years into the Stones stardom... the first has MJ saying, with what seems like unfeigned modesty, that he's surprised it's even lasted two years.... the closer has MJ, asked how much longer he thinks the fame will last, saying "oh at least another year i'd have thought"

it's a tacit admission that no, in 45 years time, there won't be a song called "Moves Like Levine" or "Moves like Aguilera"...

and one more that's embedding disabled, dammit

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