Tuesday, January 10, 2012

retrovision - damn, really should have had more on film in the book!

Steve Rose: "It's a new level of vintage: not just getting the period details right onscreen, but getting the whole mode of presentation correct, too … ideally so you can't tell the difference. Let's call it retrovision. Retrovision is more than just "doing" retro; it's being retro, it's seeing retro."

Michel "The Artist" Hazanavicius: "I watched and re-watched many silent films to try to assimilate the rules of the form"

Matthew "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" Holness: "Having the right sensibility is the main thing; knowing what looks too much or too little on screen. Darkplace was shot on 16mm film and preserved the 4:3 TV aspect ratio of the period. Sound was mixed through limited channels on to tape, then unspooled, crunched, trashed, kicked around the studio, re-spooled and transferred back."

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