Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Guardian piece on fashion's rediscovery of punk

"Equally, in a recession worse than the one which spawned punk, one buyer for an upmarket fashion shop told the Observer there was disapproval at promoting a revival of a time "when it was all charity shops and ripping your own T-shirt and safety pins". She added: "The big designers think it's 'street' to sell punky clothes to the super-rich. Actually it's pretty irresponsible in tough times for anyone to encourage the DIY approach to fashion that punks had in 1977. No one spent any money."

i can think of plenty of reasons why the umpteenth recycling of punk sartorialisms in the fashion world is literally depressing, but that it's ill-advised because it might depress the economy -- what a wacky notion!

DIY = anti-consumerism = bad for business!

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