Tuesday, November 15, 2011

as discussed in Retromania

"The Martinellis Bring Home A Desire System"

derived from this infomercial

what i wanna know is, is it Martinellis or Martinettis?!? Cos I put one of them in Retromania (forget which) and i hope it was the right one!

the thing Dan's put up at Soundcloud is "a stereo redux" of "a 4-channel sound installation commissioned by Anne Hilde Neset for the SONIC TANK exhibition". So much shorter than the full-length work discussed in Retromania, which was about 30 minutes long and was titled the same as the original infomercial as i recall


  1. I saw the infomercial just because I was reading your book. Now, I finally listened to the "Annie Hilde remix". The book is fantastic, congratulations, but I just missed my two favorite bands from the noughties: Arcade Fire and Franz Ferdinand. Do you think they make "recycling music"? I wished to know (although I know 'Franz' borrowed a lot from Gang of Four and The Feelies)!!! Thanks again from Brazil! (guibraga80@gmail.com - sorry for my bad english!)

  2. Errata: Not by Annie Hilde, but Daniel Lopatin!