Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"the emphasis was on new"

"The whole ethic of the band, though it was unwritten and rarely spoken, was to create new music, so if a piece had a similarity/reminded someone of another work it was generally rejected. The emphasis was on new... It was all about new sounds and new ways of writing a song.... Even now, making a new sound is still our first impulse, and that includes not repeating previous Pram recordings...To repeat ourselves or someone else would be boring and not really worth the effort.... My working life is ten times harder than it needs to be because I hate repeating what’s gone before“ 

Matt Eaton,  Pram, 2011

words to live by

but what a terrible pressure to put yourself under, as an artist

to come up with something new, and then to do it again, and then to do it again - to never settle into a sound, a procedure...

hard enough to come up with something new in the first place, such that you'd almost forgive someone for stopping there, repeating it, milking it

such a burden of unrest  -  self-imposed, self-inflicted

heroic, really

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