Tuesday, August 16, 2016

the nu new age (part 47)

An in-depth and thought-provoking piece on New Age at FACT by Adam Bychawski

It's funny how new age has been coming back, and coming back, in waves upon peaceful waves, since... 2009 at least, right? 

As an influence on current music-makers. Like my erstwhile faves Dolphins Into The Future. Like Emeralds and the solo stuff, the Spectrum Spools allies. Like Oneohtrix.

But also the first stirrings of a reissue / excavation scene.  Vinyl reissues like JD Emmanuel's Wizards. A bunch of records by Laraaji. Joanna Brouk. And various blogs.

And that I Am the Center compilation in 2013

(There was supposed to be a follow-up to that coming out on Lights in the Attic this year)

One of my favorite albums of this year is by a modern day maker of New Age on  the Sounds of the Dawn blog-turned-label - Hybrid Palms, with  Pacific Image.  (Get it on FLAC, I'd say....)

I guess it shows how trends in left-field music - although they seem to come thicker and faster than ever - conversely also have a long sustained steady-state life. (See also hauntology - still bubbling away with - now you mention it -  New Age / serene-synth / late-phase Kraut - Sky releases from Belbury Poly and Pye Corner Audio)

Lots of things in the FACT piece to listen to, in terms of both old New Age and nu New Age

Particularly like this unembaddable one  - Ashram EP  - by Matthewdavid - gets well wiggy especially round the 20 minute mark 

interview with Matthewdavid at the Ableton blog

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