Thursday, July 14, 2016

brutal recreation

Quietus article on Brutalist Playgrounds and an exhibition titled The Brutalist Playground set up by "architectural collective ASSEMBLE" in collaboration with artist Simon Terrill, now opened at Park Hill’s Scottish Queen "after a run at RIBA HQ in London"

These images reminded me of one of the most dour and drear looking brutalist edifices I ever came across - the Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children in Swiss Cottage   - right near the Marriott where we stayed a few times.  It seemed to suck the light out of the air, no matter what the weather or sunshine levels were like.

These pictures does not really do  justice to its squat, dismal quality...

 ... and there aren't any others on the internet because, well, why would anyone take a picture of it?

Also it was flattened in 2007 to make for a new secondary school.

Passing it I would always think, these kids are deaf, so why also deprive their eyes of beauty?

Also in the Quietus, another Brutalist appreciation - this time of the Sound Mirrors of the Kent Coast.

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