Tuesday, October 27, 2015


"Hello Simon:

The Retroaction came to be after the fall of our old bands. We'd like to share Little Strange via Youtube today! 

The video gives a perspective of the band in our element, filmed in 360 degrees surrounded by our dancing friends playing the music we love. For best resolution/interaction use the Youtube app on your cellular telephone. Using the on screen cursor, you get the chance to navigating our jam space and see things change as our friends join in, dance and have a laugh. 

I met Ron Lang when I went to the ending of a bachelorette party. Ron was the male stripper these girls hired. He commented on my John Lennon shirt and after chatting we ended up liking a lot of the same bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who. The Beatles being Ron's favorite group, he really wanted to jam with us. After my old band fell apart, Ron and I decided to try out new people and see if we could take our sound in a fresh direction. 

This is what we came up with, listen on our Soundcloud

Collectively, we are inspired by the music of the past. However, we are trying to take it to the next level. On our site we like to say the we are "The bastard sons" of Rock N' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Garage Rock. All wrapped up in loud music and mod suits. 

We are The Retroaction. Thanks for taking a minute. 

Keith, Ron, Thomas & Charles"

File under mis-addressed emails

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