Tuesday, June 16, 2015

these weren't tomorrow (but that's okay)

Surprisingly Phil's the best (and I mean Collins not Manzanera) but I also like the Chapman Stick chappie.

There's also this

Not forgetting this "reinterpretation" / tribute, which sounded like tomorrow when it came out, but at the same time also sounded like yesternever...  Everybody involved's greatest moment? Especially with the awesome promo video.

Finally, the source of the title

Oh, go on then, the original - or rather a supposedly trippier early version

And the immaculate conception

Probably the single most enjoyable reaction I got to Retromania was those people who pooh-poohed the idea of  2000s music as especially derivative / backward-looking and insisted that this was actually how things have always been - upping the ante by asserting that The Beatles were retro.  How's about that then for DENIAL?

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  1. That's pretty much the reaction I get every time I bring up timelessness vs. retro while interviewing artists who had their big moment in the 2000s (the last were Franz Ferdinand, who reacted with a pinch of social constructivism and said a study of retromania could be done at any time in history - esp the future).

    Good to see Danielle Dax in the list. Pop-Eyes deserves more love.