Sunday, May 31, 2015

Deze morgen was echt

On the Threshold of Beauty: Philips and the Origins of Electronic Music in the Netherlands, 1925–1965 by composer and head of Institute of Sonology Kees Tazelaar  "describes a period of musical history in which an entirely new world of electronic sounds and compositional attitudes was developed and explored, ranging from avant-garde extremes to the earliest experiments in electronic pop; from the music for the iconic Philips Pavilion at the 1958 World’s Fair to electronic soundtracks for film.... looking at the pioneering work of Henk Badings, Jan Boerman, Ton Bruynèl, Tom Dissevelt, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Ton de Leeuw, Walter Maas, Dick Raaijmakers, Hermann Scherchen, Leopold Stokowski, Edgard Varèse and Roelof Vermeulen."

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Music Examples

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