Friday, March 27, 2015


"The subtitle of "A Four-Colour Psychochronography" refers to the idea of psychochronography, an offshoot of the artistic concept of psychogeography. Psychogeography is a practice originally developed by the Situationist International as part of their efforts to forcibly dismantle the established social order. Psychogeography is the study of how physical spaces impact social, cultural, and personal lives. Its central technique is what is called the derivé, or drift, in which one wanders through an urban area according to some idiosyncratic logic that causes one to cut against the usual lines and paths traced.

Psychochronography applies this notion to our internal landscape. Taking seriously Alan Moore's notion of ideaspace, psychochronography suggests that we can wander through history and ideas just as easily as we can physical spaces, and that by observing the course of such a meander we can discover new things about our world." - Philip Sandifer,

interesting concept, although a lingering philistine reflex with in me toys with idea that, just as "psychogeography" is a fancy way of saying "taking a walk",   "psychochronography" is a fancy way of saying..... what exactly? Writing? thinking (and thinking aloud)? musing?  given that the vast bulk of our pondering must concern the past - our own past, the collective past - because the future is unknown to us - because wherever the present may be going, all that we can really apprehend mentally is the processes that brought this present into being...

Our internal landscape is 90 percent memory plus unrequited longings, anxieties / wishes re. the future. 

However, it is certainly easier to "walk through history" than ever before, this is true - the vast archival materials of the internet

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